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Quit diets.

Eat with balance.

Learn to RESPECT and love your body!

Do you

• Feel anxious or confused about food?• Struggle with binge eating or emotional eating?• Diet constantly?• Want to learn to nourish and respect your body?• Excited to eat with balance and make peach with food?


If you want to quit the obsession and guilt around food, I can help.


I have created a 10-week online Food Freedom program to help all women realize their beauty. Through this program, women no longer spend most of their time and energy on weight loss and body comparison. I want to help you break free from the dieting cycle and guilt that comes with it. I am here to help you achieve FOOD FREEDOM and truly live your healthiest life – free from obsession.

Jacomie Nel Dietitian

Hi, I’m Jacomie Nel

I am here to help you quit diets, eat with balance and respect and love your body.

Let me help you enjoy food and find freedom!


Your 10 Week Transformation

Included in this program is 10 weeks of amazing content to help you give up diets while restoring your relationship with food and practicing body kindness.

During this program I will help you establish these four main principles in your life:

  • Building a positive relationship with food – Make peace with food, learn to say no to the food police and find enjoyment in eating.
  • Nourish your body with delicious wholesome foods – Instead of eating as little as possible, why not try to nourish your body as much as possible.
  • Body kindness – Learn to treat your body with kindness, love and respect throughout your life.
  • Joyful movement – Exercise to celebrate what your body can do

This is an online program so you can work through the content in the comfort of your own home.

what food freedom could mean to you

Have you ever thought about what you could accomplish as a person if you weren’t so obsessed with dieting, calorie counting and compulsive exercising? Here are a few suggestions.

Go to the beach

Don’t miss those precious moments because of body worries. It is time to accept and respect your body.

Go dancing

I will help you discover the joy of movement – exercise should not be a punishment.

enjoy family meals

Join the rest of the family for meal times and enjoy the same food they do. 

Head space

Imagine all the dreams and goals you could achieve if you are no longer preoccupied with obsessive food thoughts. 

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