Breaking the cycle... Leaving diets and emotional eating behind -for good!


Carla Gerryts

Registered Dietitian

BS.c Dietetics


Jacomie Nel 

Registered Dietitian

MS.c Dietetics


Watch now!

This Masterclass will change your relationship with food for good

What you'll learn in the free Masterclass:

  • 1
    Discover the truth about emotional eating - what it is and the real reason behind your emotional eating
  • 2
    How to identify emotional eating in your life and become more aware of what triggers your emotional eating
  • 3
    What the diet cycle is and how to break free from it
  • 4
    4 Strategies to heal emotional eating
  • 5
    Plus, free bonus: Register today and you'll get instant access to our "Heal emotional eating" PDF worksheet

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