This recipe takes less than 10 minutes to make and is perfect for ‘padkos’ or snack boxes. Try some of the variations mentioned below for an interesting twist on the original Marshmallow Rice Krispie squares.

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32 marshmallows5 cups Rice Krispies25 ml margarine10 ml vanilla essence10 ml pink food coloring


Melt margarine in pot over waterAdd marshmallows and stir until melted and smoothAdd vanilla essence and food coloringAdd Rice Krispies and mix until it is well coveredPress mixture together in a 20 cm by 20 cm tray lined with wax paper.Allow it to cool downCut marshmallow rice krispie mixture in squares

For variety try the following

Berry and nut marshmallow rice krispie squares: Add 100g pecan nuts and 100g dried cranberries to the Rice Krispies.Power snack: Add 1 cup energy mix (seeds, nuts, raisins)Sweet delight: Melt 100g white or milk chocolate and dip squares in it.

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