Food is commonly used to reward children. It is an easy, effective but short-term solution with negative long-term effects. Hopefully, after this blog you will be able to replace it with non-food rewards. 

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Children learn to view the unhealthy food they are rewarded with as better or more valuable than the healthy food they are blackmailed with. Children dislike things they are punished with. They will refuse to eat vegetables later in life, as it is associated with bad memories and punishment. As they grow older children eat when they are not hungry to experience that feeling of accomplishment rather than responding to hunger cues.

This leads to emotional eating and weight gain. In this blog, we will look at non-food rewards to reward your child with.


(It may differ depending on the age of your child and the house rules. This is just ideas to get you started)

1) Reward your child with the opportunity to choose something for the family. It can be anything from a game/ sport, board game, movie or activity.2) Your child can be rewarded with something new like a new hairstyle, game, art supplies, book, movie, game, school supplies like pens, a nice notebook, pretty paper, or stickers.3) Redecorating your child’s room, or building something like a swing, treehouse, or go-kart.4) Let your child choose the bedtime story for the evening.5) Allow your child to play outside or at a friend’s house a little longer (or swim a little longer).6) Take them for an outing to the park, zoo, pet shop or museum.7) Include your child in planning the family vacation.

8) Let the pet sleeps in the child’s bedroom.

9) Allow your child to listen to music while working on school assignments.

10) Make a fun craft with your child.

11) Grant your child with the opportunity to assign one chore to another family member or to skip a chore for the day.



12) Allowing your child to ride in the front seat of the car.

13) Set up a point system for a bigger prize once enough points are earned.

14) Give your child the opportunity to take the first turn whenever you do something he/she is excited about.

15) Reward your child with tickets to an event such as a school dance, movie, concert, or sporting match.

16) Give your child verbal praise.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you found the information useful! Please let me know what you use as non-food rewards for your children in the comments as I love hearing from you.

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