Discovery Vitality Nutritional Assessment


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I run a virtual practice for clients all around South Africa and will be able to assist you with an online appointment.

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This is a 30-minute compact nutrition session for all the Discovery Vitality members.

During the session, we will do a nutritional assessment with you and discuss nutritional guidelines and goals for optimal health.

No meal plan is included in this package. If you have a specific health condition and wants and individualized meal plan please consider the startup packages. 

You will receive 1000 Vitality points with your first assessment.


How to book your Discovery Vitality Nutritional Consultation:

Step 1: Pay your consultation fees

The fees are payable upfront and we will provide you with a statement to claim back from your medical aid if you wish to do so. To make to process easier you can do the payment here on my website.

Step 2: Complete your personal and medical information

Click on this link to complete your personal and medical information >

Step 3: Book your appointment

Once I receive confirmation of your payment I will send you our scheduler to book your appointment.

Step 4: Claim back from your medical aid

You will receive your complete statement to submit to your medical aid after your consultation.


Please contact me if you have any questions.

Speak soon,

Jacomie xx