Kids Lunch Box Challenge


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Moms and dads..

Do you need help packing affordable & healthy lunch boxes??

Join us for this fun challenge where you will learn how to pack affordable, healthy and delicious lunch boxes for your kids.

How it works:

  • The challenge will run from 5 April to 5 May 2022.
  • You will receive an information package on 1 April via email with the following information:
    • Guidelines on how to pack healthy lunch boxes including different food groups and portion sizes.
    • Budget friendly daily lunch box suggestions to make sure your child get all the nutrients they need.
    • Swap options: convenient items for quick lunch boxes and recipes for parents who prefer to prepare homemade items.
    • Alternatives for kids with gluten, cow milk and nut allergies.
    • Hacks and tips to make packing lunch boxes easier.
  • 2 lucky winners will each win a hamper with delicious lunch box goodies for their kids.



  • This challenge is open to anyone – all ages welcome.
  • Follow @jacomienel on Facebook or Instagram
  • To win the lunch box hamper you have to post an image of the lunch boxes you have prepared and tag @jacomienel on social media (instagram or Facebook).
  • You can upload your images daily or all your images once a week whenever you have time as long as you upload it by 9 May 2022.
  • The winners will be announced on 10 May 2022 and the prices will be send via a courier (in South Africa only).
  • Winners will be picked via a lucky draw – each tag gives you 1 entry into the draw.
  • The R 100.00 entry fee is non-refundable.
  • If you tag @jacomienel in your image, it is assumed that you give me permission to reshare your image.


The prices:

  • 2 lucky winners will each win a hamper with delicious lunch box goodies for their kids.
  • The hamper will include:
    • A RSD lunch bag
    • A RSD lunch box
    • 1 kg nuts
    • A voucher to download one of my recipe ebooks
    • Healthy snack bars and fruity chews.


I am looking forward to doing this challenge with you.

You are welcome to send me an email at if you have any questions.

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