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Online nutritional counselling

Hi, I am Jacomie Nel

I run an online practice of registered dietitians doing virtual consultations in South Africa. We do nutritional assessments, counseling and treatment for a number of medical conditions. We are Afrikaans and English speaking.

Our nutritional consultation sessions occur online via your preferred video calling program – can by Zoom, Teams, Skype..

We Offer Online Nutritional counselling for the following conditions:

Diabetes Type 1 and 2


High cholesterol

Renal disease

Liver disease

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Peptic ulcers


Nutrition for pregnancy and lactation


Malnutrition and poor appetite

Obesity and weight loss

Food allergies/ intolerances

Difficulty in feeding/ swallowing

Child nutrition

Sport nutrition

Vegan/ Vegetarian dietary patterns


Discovery Vitality Nutritional consultations

Online packages

Here are some of the online packages and products we have to offer.  

You are welcome to contact me should you have any enquiries or specific needs.  

Startup online consultation package – R 1440-00

What is included:

Initial 60-70 minutes consultation

+ 30-40 minutes follow up consultation (3-5 days later)

+ individualized meal plan, guidelines, and recipes.

Initial session:

A full nutritional assessment will be done, this includes medical history, physical measurements, blood results (if available), lifestyle, eating habits, medication and supplementation use. Nutritional guidelines and goals will be discussed.

First Follow up session:

We recommend at least one follow up session and that is why this is included in the initial consultation packages. The first follow up session is 3-5 days after your initial assessment. During this consultation a meal plan will be given and discussed. Alternative strategies to reach goals and any challenges experienced will be addressed.

Follow up online consultations – R 410-00

30 to 40-minutes Follow up Online Consultation session.

This is a weekly, bi weekly or monthly follow up to support client and monitor physical measurements or other measurements needed to monitor improvement of condition.

More strategies and goals will be set to improve outcome and any challenges experienced will be discussed.


Before you can buy the follow-up consultation session you first need to start with the Startup package

Discovery Vitality nutritional assessment – R 410-00

This is a 30-minute compact nutrition session for all the Discovery Vitality members.

During the session, we will do a nutritional assessment with you and discuss nutritional guidelines and goals for optimal health.

You will receive 1000 Vitality points with your first assessment.

No meal plan is included in this package. If you have a specific health condition and wants and individualized meal plan please consider the startup package.

How to work with us

Step 1: Pay your consultation fee

The fees are payable upfront and we will provide you with a statement to claim back from your medical aid if you wish to do so. To make to process easier you can do the payment here on my website.

Step 2: Complete your personal and medical information

Click on this link to complete your personal and medical information >

Step 3: Book your appointment

You will receive the link with our online scheduler to book your appointment. 

Step 4: Claim back from your medical aid

You will receive your complete statement to submit to your medical aid after your consultation.

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Other Products

Food Freedom Program

Food Freedom program

Quit diets,

Eat with balance,

Learn to respect and love your body!

My signature 10-week Food Freedom program will equip you to live a life of freedom, happiness and peace. Discover how simple and sustainable healthy living can be. 

Zero restrictions, zero obsession.

Fall in love with your body and rediscover the joy of eating.

Recipe Books

Snack Recipes

84 Insanely Delicious Snack Ideas

74 Delicious Breakfast Recipes

Salad Recipes Jacomie Nel

80 Exquisite Salad Recipes

84 Scrumptious Vegan Recipes

Recipe books

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