5-Day Free challenge to STOP BINGE EATING for good!

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Hi ladies, do you want to stop binge eating and food cravings in 5 days?

Many of the ladies in my food freedom program started out struggling with binges and cravings. Once we apply my proven framework, everything changes..

By breaking free from binge eating you can:

  • Improve your body image, heal your relationship with food, enjoy food more and manage your weight better. 
  • You become kinder to yourself - you are no longer obsessively calculate what you eat and beat yourself up when you overeat. 
  • You can improve your relationships with other people and feel more relaxed in social settings.

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How will the 5-day Challenge Benefit you?

  1. You will be able to finally stop binge eating, overeating and food cravings for good!
  2. You will learn why diets have failed you in the past and how to eat healthy in a sustainable way instead. 
  3. You will be able to set goals to improve your overall health.
  4. We will debunk common food myths and help you break through food rules keeping you stuck!

What Others Say



The information is easy to understand and to follow. It is great to concentrate on health and not weight for a change. I love your body positive approach. Your program has helped me to make a big mind shift.


 / Food Freedom Program


I definitely have more energy and can maintain a good weight during my pregnancy. It is safe to say your approach is practical and affordable. I do not have to blow my budget to eat healthy and buy weird foods. The best part is I am not constantly hungry anymore!


 / Client


Thank you.

I have been enjoying your videos. 

I tried a few of your recipes and enjoy all of them!

I am eating so much healthier and finally know how to cook vegetables and use herbs in cooking. 


 / Food Freedom Program

What to expect during the 5-day Challenge?

  1. You will receive a welcome email and be asked to join the Facebook group where the challenge will be conducted.
  2. You will receive a daily email during the challenge with the topic for the day as well as your daily challenge.
  3. I will do a live video in the Facebook group every day to discuss the topic for the day and to share the challenge with you.
Hi, I am...
Jacomie Nel

I am a registered dietitian from South Africa with a BSc Dietetic degree (2013) and a MSc Degree (2019). I have been working as dietitian for the past 7 years and have experience in various fields of nutrition. 

I help women ditch diets so they can stop binge eating, emotional eating, cravings, and improve body image through my Food Freedom program.

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