Food Guide


FOOD GUIDE FOR BALANCED EATING – Full guide available in materials section above. Please print this out for your convenience.

Eat well – Feel well – Be well

Food is so important for the body. When you eat well-balanced meals you will be able to live life to the full as it
helps to:
 Fuel your body for you to be full of energy
 Feel good as healthy food has a positive effect on the brain
 Be able to focus/concentrate and work more productively
 Enjoy good gut health
 Maintain a healthy immune system
 Reduce the effects of aging
 Protect you against lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and more.

With so many mixed messages in the media and the rise of ‘health gurus’ and fitness influencers it can become
extremely difficult to know what exactly is “health eating.”

This guide is to help you eat as healthy as possible in a sustainable and realistic way. This is not a quick fix.
There is no start and end date to a healthy lifestyle. As research has found that the Mediterranean diet is the
healthiest diet in the world, I have included its recommendations in this guide. Try to eat as much food in its
natural state and as little processed food as possible and you are off to a great start.

 There is no quick fix that ensures sustainable weight loss. The best is to throw the scale out and focus
on other changes in your body such as feeling energetic, improved blood pressure, less back or knee
pain, glowing skin and more. If you eat well your weight will balanced out and settle down at a healthy
 Start your day with breakfast. Do not skip breakfast, as it is the most important meal of the day. Avoid
sweetened cereals as this will lead to fatigue and that sluggish feeling.
 Eat small frequent meals. Eat breakfast, lunch and supper with 2-3 healthy snacks during the day.
 Do not skip meals
 Make time for meals – Do not eat on the run, in your car or in front of the television
 Use a smaller serving dish/ plate to eat your meals out
 Plan meals and pack lunch and snacks for work/ school
If you are unsure how much to eat in a day you can refer to the recommendation below. This is just a guideline.
If you are very active, do bodybuilding, are pregnant or lactating you will need to eat more. It you are very
petite or inactive/ bedridden you will need less energy in a day.